f的最佳实践or Content Marketing Strategies (101) - Virtual

Seats are limited 和 confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

在这生活, 教师指导虚拟车间, 你将学习建立一个坚实的成功的方法, strategic framework of best practices for your content marketing.

Content marketing success happens 当 you align content activities with business goals, 并始终如一地计划和执行. 在这门课, you will learn best practices to fast-forward your content marketing program 和 advance your content marketing to the next level, 当你学习:

  • 什么是内容营销,为什么它有效.

  • 如何制定内容营销使命宣言. During the workshop, individuals will develop a content marketing editorial mission statement.
  • 如何制定1页内容的营销策略. A written strategy makes you 4 times likelier to succeed. 使用一个模板, individuals will develop a strategy to align company objectives 和 goals with marketing strategies 和 metrics.
  • How to tell 清晰的, concise, consistent stories with a Message Map. Answer buyers’ key question -- what’s in it for me (WIIFM)? – using the Message Map tool to simplify your storytelling. 你, your freelancers 和 agencies can 创建 content of all types 和 sizes as you ensure absolute message clarity 和 consistency using this tool. 这样每个人都能更好地讲述你的故事.
  • 如何进行竞争性内容审核. Find out how well your content meets buyers’ needs during the buying journey. By performing a competitive content audit, you gain greater visibility into marketplace dynamics. An audit defines specific ways to outflank 和 outsmart your competitors.

在这个虚拟研讨会的最后, 参与者将能够开发一个内容任务, strategy 和 message that’s more competitive 和 effective.

注*: For best results, participants are asked attend the workshop prepared with the following: 

  • Company objectives (2 or 3 things the CEO needs to get done this year with marketing help)
  • Company goals (how you quantitatively measure the fulfillment of those objectives – eg, 收入, 增加销售目标, 等.)

*这些不需要与其他参与者共享, 但都是你工作需要的.

这个研讨会是为市场领导者开放的, 市场营销人员, 内容创造者, 以及需要建立共享的内部客户, 固体, 内容营销的战略框架.


  • 什么是内容营销,你为什么需要它(25分钟)
  • 如何制定内容营销使命宣言 (30min)
  • 创建1页内容营销策略(35分钟)
  • 打破(5分钟)
  • Use Message Maps to make your story 清晰的, concise 和 consistent (30min)
  • 通过内容审核包抄竞争对手(25分钟)
  • 下一个步骤(15分钟)
  • 调查(5分钟) 

开始: 2022年5月17日,星期二,下午2点

结束: 2022年5月17日,星期二,下午5点




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乔治Stenitzer 成立 晶莹剔透的通信 2014年 创建 对市场挑战的创造性回答. 内容营销协会的乔治 年度内容营销者企业对企业 杂志两次提名他为 最好的营销人员.

A change agent, George helps clients build br和s with breakthrough content. Previously, he was Tellabs’ vice president – marketing 和 communications. He also worked in Fortune 500 companies such as RR Donnelley 和 AT&T.

安娜的, George leads Fast-Forward 你r Content Marketing  workshops at 4 levels — Content Marketing 101, 201, 301年和401年. He served on the Advisory Board of the 企业营销 Association (BMA) 和 as president of the Chicago 和 St. 路易BMA章节.

他的博客 每周,回答营销人员的 前100名的问题 在内容营销. 他微博 @GeorgeStenitzer.